James offers a range of services to professional and private clients, listed on this page. All prices are variable based on range of factors including length and complexity, with final prices subject to negotiation and agreement between parties. Other services may be available on request. To request any service, please navigate to the Contact page.

Composition Services

Composition - Commission

Bespoke compositions to commission. Options include performance, guide tracks for performers (if possible), scoring.

Composition - Film Projects

Bespoke compositions for film projects, including jingles for radio and TV, dramas, documentaries, short films, feature films, adverts, private videos, and more.

Composition - Arrangement

Bespoke arrangements for existing material. Options include full scores, recordings, and others subject to client needs.

Performance & Recording Services

Performance - Live 

Live performance(s) on keys, guitar, bass, and/or vocals. Cost varies on amount and complexity of material and will include travel, unless provided. 

Session work (in studio)

Instrumental session work in studio on keys, guitar, bass, and/or vocals. Cost varies based on material, number of instruments and parts. Cost of studio hire not included.

Session work - Remote

Remote instrumental session work on keys, guitar, bass, and/or vocals. Recordings produced from home studio and provided in high quality audio formats. Cost varies based on material, number of instruments and parts. 

Mixing & Mastering

Remote mixing and mastering of audio tracks with feedback sessions. Cost varies based on number of audio tracks per composition.

Other Services

Consultation - General

Consultation on all things music. Options include but not limited to advise on compositions, arrangements, recordings etc. This service can be provided remotely or in-person, with cost varying on this basis. 


Bespoke workshops on composition, arrangement, songwriting, music technology, and all manner of music-related skills. All levels of study available, from pure beginner to university-level.

Translation and guidance - Scottish Gaelic

Translation from and to Scottish Gaelic, pronunciation advice, and other Scottish Gaelic-related services. Enquire for more details.