James Hind Composer


James is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist from Edinburgh whose wild eclecticism is matched by his versatility. His music consistently blurs the line between and crosses known and perceived genre boundaries as he sets out to create something that is uniquely his own. James holds a PhD in Music Composition and a First Class Degree in Music from Edinburgh Napier University.


James has a specialised knowledge of music composition, as well as in performance, engineering, and production. A desire to learn and master new skills is reflected in James's work-ethic, making him an excellent session musician. The combination of James's extensive vocabulary of musical theory, practice, and instrumental prowess provide him with a unique musical perspective.

James has performed, and has had his music played, across multiple styles both at home and abroad. He has  had his music featured in such prestigious events as the annual Pipes of Christmas in New York City and Summit, New Jersey by an ensemble consisting of Broadway and Scottish traditional musicians.

James has been involved in writing for and performing music in several productions for stage and film, including for Our Future Scotland documentary, co-funded by Edinburgh Napier University, the RSE Young Academy of Scotland and Scotland’s Futures Forum as part of the Scotland 2030 Programme. He has also produced and co-written songs and instrumentals for private individuals as well as for companies in the UK and Europe.

James has written, produced, and released a chiptune fusion album called 'Press Start!' under the persona 'Super Bit Boy'. This is available to stream on Soundcloud and to purchase on Bandcamp. See the 'Super Bit Boy' project page for more details. He has also released an EP with his band Hindsight, which is also available on Bandcamp.

James is available for commission and session work in all idioms. If you wish to get in touch about either, or for any other reason, please see the contact page.